Minimize down time of you factory with scheduled maintenance so that your productivity is at its top performance.

Anyone who thinks they don’t have time to do this hasn’t gotten the memo that “If you don’t have time to do it right, when are you going to find time to do it over?” Preventive maintenance is an important investment in safety, productivity and keeping the budget on track.

Preventive maintenance isn’t any one thing. It is many different things, such as:

  • Properly training operators.
  • Using the right equipment for the job.
  • Regularly cleaning and inspecting all equipment.
  • Making smaller repairs early.
  • Following the service schedule outlined by the manufacturer.

An axe is a simple tool compared to most heavy equipment. There are myriad ways that not maintaining your equipment can cost money and come back to bite you in more serious ways, such as a higher incidence of on-the-job injuries.

Machine Modifications / Upgrades

Helping utilize your machines with the latest features to ensure that your machinery is performing to its peak.


We are able to manufacture new components from your original worn parts. We can produce the highest quality components with fast turnaround times.


  • CAD design
  • Prototyping
  • Cylindrical grinding (up to 1 metre)
  • 4 x Lathes (Turning up to 2 metres)
  • 3 X Milling machines (Milling up to 1 metre)
  • Welding service Arc, Mig and Tig
  • Surface grinding (up to 800mm)
  • Key way slotting
  • Guillotining up to 3mm mild steel
  • Folding up to 16 gauge stainless/ 14 gauge mild steel
  • Fully equipped tool room with metrology equipment
  • Jig and Fixture manufacture and design


Development of new products (design and manufacture) to improve efficiency with the components of your machine.

Our CAD design service can be advantageous to you for numerous reasons. It can help you get more done, first and foremost. We enable professionals to reduce their design-related expenses. We enable them to finish their projects more rapidly. We even enable them to minimize their labor requirements dramatically. If you’re interested in five-star design work that will help you accomplish more day in and day out, then our CAD assistance can go a long way. Adjusting design work in the past used to be a major hassle for professionals. It no longer is for the individuals who depend on our service, however. If you want to be able to revel in the ease of being able to adjust your design work without frustration, then our CAD proficiency can work like a charm. It makes taking charge of edits simple. It even enhances precision.

Machinery Repair Service in Campbellfield

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