At Vic’s Precision Tooling & Engineering, we design and manufacture jigs and fixtures in Melbourne for a range of engineering, manufacturing and industrial applications. We have extensive experiencing manufacturing jigs and fixtures to a range of custom specifications, requirements and designs.

Jigs and fixtures are extremely important to any manufacturing or fabrication process. They are used to secure workpieces and guide cutting tools during production. That means they need to be designed and manufactured with a very high level of accuracy and precision to ensure repeatability, accuracy and interchangeability, as well as the proper securing of the workpiece. Small imperfections or faults can lead to flawed manufacturing processes, faulty products or even safety hazards.

Whether you need a simple jig or fixture or a more complex design, we can help. We can duplicate existing pieces to a high degree of accuracy. We can also design and manufacture new systems based on your specifications and requirements.

We have experience machining jigs and fixtures across a range of industries and for various applications. These include welding and machining fixtures, woodworking and framing jigs, boring and drilling jigs, assembly fixtures, sandwich jigs, open or closed jigs and more.

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At Vic’s Precision Tooling & Engineering, we design and manufacture jigs and fixtures for customers across Melbourne. We can also provide a range of other services including metal component manufacturing, reverse engineering, CAD design, metal grinding, metal turning and milling, welding, preventative maintenance and much more.

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